Effective Interviewing
Two activities to help students ask open-ended questions and develop meaningful conversations, distinguish useful information from excess data, and grow more comfortable approaching strangers and asking questions.

Generating Open-ended Interview Questions
Student develop solid, open-ended questions based on subject they are interviewing.

Interview Scenario
"Students create open-ended questions, conduct a good interview, listen carefully to others, and write a good solid news story."

Interviewing Guide
This 5-page handout includes tips for a good interview and includes a model. It is designed for grades 6-12 and requires Adobe Reader for access.

Out of Your Comfort Zone
Three activities to train students to improve their interviewing and reporting talents.

Some Do's and Dont's in Interviewing
These interviewing suggestions are designed for studio interviews but many are also valuable tips for beginning journalists.

Striving for Success: Exploring Talent Through the Eyes of Journalists
Students explore their own talents and create interview questions for a peer involved in a particular extracurricular activity. They then write newspaper articles based on the interviews.