Patricia Reilly Giff
Lesson plans for All the Way Home , more

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Biography and Background

Patricia Reilly Giff
The author's official site.

All the Way Home Lesson Plans and Activities

All the Way Home by Patricia Reilly Giff
Summary and a variety of activities to support this book.

Eleven Lesson Plans and Activities

Summary, pre-reading and follow-up activities, vocabulary, related titles and sites.

Lily's Crossing Lesson Plans and Activities

Decoding Nazi Secrets
At this PBS website students can try to break a code, encode a message, and connect codes of the past with online security today.

Lily's Crossing
Summary and 9 discussion questions.

Lily's Crossing
Summary, discussion of theme, 3 journal prompts, 5 study questions.

Nory Ryan's Song Lesson Plans and Activities

Nory Ryan's Song
Summary, booktalk, 10 discussion questions, and related titles.

Nory Ryan's Song
Synopsis, prereading activities, discussion questions, cross-curricular activities, more.

Pictures of Hollis Woods Lesson Plans and Activities

Episodic Writing
Students will plan a thematically-based story that can be told in a series of related or unrelated episodes. Each written episode's goal will be to add another perspective or thinking-point about the writer's chosen theme. When several episodes are written, the writer will sequence them together as one story (told in multiple episodes) about their theme, and they will have a piece of episodic writing for their portfolios. This lesson focuses on idea development and organization.

Pictures of Hollis Woods
Summary, booktalk, 14 discussion questions, and related titles.

Pictures of Hollis Woods
Synopsis, prereading activities, discussion questions, cross-curricular activities, more.

Sort It Out with Senses!
Summary, prereading questions, followup questions, project suggestions. A handout asks students to explore types of description. This lesson supports Pictures of Hollis Woods .

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