Brave Irene by William Steig
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Brave Irene
This slide show guides reading with emphasis on personification, context clues, cause and effect, character analysis. Includes writing task.

Brave Irene
Teaching resources include a video of former Vice President Al Gore reading the story aloud and additional activities , including discussion questions, printable handouts for identifying story elements, writing, research, and related links and titles. The video runs 14:00 and resides at YouTube. The additional activities require Adobe Reader for access.

Brave Irene
A list of 10 vocabulary words and definitions.

Brave Irene Lesson to Teach Reading Comprehension
This lesson emphasizes character analysis/mapping.

A Picture is Worth … A Thousand Different Stories: Using Visual Media to Engage the Imagination and Enhance Skills for Analyzing and Synthesizing Information
This extensive unit includes uses Brave Irene to determine theme in Lesson Plan Four.

Planning Story Characters Using Interactive Trading Cards
This lesson uses trading cards to support students' literacy development in planning for writing. Using an interactive trading cards tool, students first explore the way that the questions on it apply to a character in a familiar story. Students then use the tool to plan a character's development. An extension for this lesson is to have students use these cards to write their own stories. Includes links to online resources.

Strong Verb Image Makers
Students use descriptive language to clarify ideas and create vivid images in an essay. Includes printable student handouts.

Wild Weather Sentences
Students create a sentence about weather using an online sentence generator (included). After manipulating and illustrating the sentence, they write a longer story or description using the sentence as inspiration. Emphasis is on learning to move adverbs and prepositional phrases around in sentences to craft more fluent and more interesting writing.

Vocabulary Web
Teacher models making a web using descriptive words. Students listen to the story Brave Irene . Teacher passes out a list of the descriptive words used in the book, and students create a vocabulary word web using one of the descriptive words from the text. Includes printable graphic organizer.

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