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Magazine Cover
If the book became a magazine, what might its cover look like? Use this resource to create it!

More Ideas Than You'll Ever Use for Book Reports
341 ideas for book projects from three different teachers.

Multimedia Book Report Rubric
This rubric includes descriptors for 4 levels and 11 proficiencies.

Not Your Same Old Book Report — Dioramas, Trioramas, Quadramas
Teacher-tested ideas with emphasis on 3-dimensional projects.

Our Computers, Ourselves: Imagining the Digital Lives of Authors and Characters
Students imagine and simulate the computer desktop, files and Internet habits of a writer or literary character in order to better understand his or her life and/or works.

Powerful Book Reports
Students will identify and analyze the major components of a book including the setting, main characters, plot, conflict, resolution, and their favorite parts. Students will create and present a slideshow featuring a selected book and its elements of fiction. This lesson is designed for grade 5 and includes a checklist.

Print vs. Digital: Analyzing and Designing Book Apps for Works of Literature
Students consider the ways that new ways of reading have changed the nature of reading and design book apps for literature they have read in print. They then reflect on and compare the experiences of reading in print and in digital formats.

Projects to Engage Middle School Readers
Five alternatives to book reports.

Reading With Strangers: Ways to Study Literature Collaboratively
Ideas to build a build a community of readers in your classroom, in your school, in your local community, or in a larger community online.

Ten Great Creative Book Report Ideas
"Book in a Box," "Scrapbook," "Powerpoint Presentation," and more: 10 ideas to try with your students (or to let your students choose among)!

Trading Card
This page was not designed with education in mind, but it will serve nicely for responding to reading, especially character analysis. Students upload a picture, add some icons and text, save the resulting picture to their desktops, and then print a "trading card."

Write a book review with Rodman Philbrick
This site takes students through the process of writing a book review. (It uses a review of To Kill a Mockingbird as a model.) When they have finished, students can publish their reviews at the site.

Writing an Approach Paper
A structured approach to a simple analysis of a work. Written by a classroom teacher, this idea will work on several grade levels and ability levels.

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