Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate
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AP Literature

Advanced Placement English 12
In addition to a syllabus and assignment calendar, this site includes an essay guide and a rubric for 6-Trait writing appropriate for AP students.

Advanced Placement Literature: Titles from Free Response Questions since 1973
An alphabetical list of titles. Scroll down to find a "most frequently cited" list, including titles back to 1970.

Close Reading of Contemporary Literature
Three lessons: "Evening Hawk" by Robert Penn Warren, "The Funeral Singer" by Edwidge Danticat, and tips for connecting literature and life. 44 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Doing Close Readings
Links to ideas for developing this skill in readers.

How to Mark a Book
This essay includes a model and a printable handout along with its excellent suggestions.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster
This page not only lists possible assignments, but it also links to a page of notes supporting the book.

Literary Terms
A generous list of literary terms and definitions. Many include examples.

Open-ended Questions for Advanced Placement English
Questions from the tests available for use as practice.

AP Miscellaneous

Links in this category may include materials for pre-AP classes, language, and lit.

4 Steps to Better Writers
An AP teacher shares an approach to student writing process that produced an measurable improvement in test scores.

AP English
This Ning is open to all AP English teachers, language and literature, new teachers and veterans.

AP English Resources
An extensive collection of links to test prep and study resources. Supports both language and literature.

Texas Education Agency Lighthouse Initiative
Lesson ideas and teaching strategies specifically designed for AP and pre-AP classes.

International Baccalaureate

Deep Roots of Ancient Greece
This lesson examines specific areas of ancient Greek influence on Western thought and culture. Students consider processes through which ancient Greek influence has been infused and sustained in the Western ethos. Through research on diverse topics, students collect information that documents the nature and depth of that influence. Students then make an assessment of ways Western ideals resonate ancient Greek ideals.

International Baccalaureate Organization
The official home page, with descriptions of the program on three age levels.

Ninth grade Pre-IB English
This page has the year's work mapped out by nine-week grading period.