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If you feel as though formal Actuarial Exam P prep could help you pursue your educational goals, Varsity Tutors offers private Actuarial Exam P classes to help improve your self-confidence heading into the exam. Actuarial Exam P is one of the tests prospective actuaries may need to take in order to earn SOA (Society of Actuaries) certification. Quantitative risk assessment is the exam's primary focus, including how to use probability tools in risk assessments. Taking an Actuarial Exam P class may prove beneficial as you pursue academic success.

Your Actuarial Exam P test prep can concentrate on the test's specific topics. For instance, up to 90% of the test's questions involve the use of univariate and multivariate variables in order to quantify risk assessment. A fair amount of calculus is involved, so you might want to review the basics with Actuarial Exam P tutors before exam day. Likewise, the test assumes a basic knowledge of risk management that you may wish to review during an Actuarial Exam P course before you sit for the test.

Actuarial Exam P tutoring sessions are also a great place to take practice tests. The results may help you identify areas of opportunity that you could benefit from studying further during your Actuarial Exam P prep. Similarly, your instructor might demonstrate how to use the test's electronic interface during your Actuarial Exam P test prep to give you one less thing to worry about on exam day.

Your instructor may also be able to tailor Actuarial Exam P prep to your unique needs. A student who needs to review the fundamentals of probability can dedicate multiple Actuarial Exam P test prep sessions to the topic even though questions about probability make up a small percentage of the exam. You never need to leave a topic behind until you are ready to do so when you work with us! Competing products are frequently unable to provide a similarly individualized experience.

Actuarial Exam P test prep may also provide students with reliable answers to any concerns they have. For example, many students have questions about the formatting of the exam. Actuarial Exam P is a three-hour multiple-choice test administered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) at Prometric Testing Centers around the country. The table below provides some basic information about the skills you'll need to prepare for:

Expected Existing Knowledge (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Calculate probabilities using addition and multiplication rules
  • Define and calculate conditional probabilities
  • Calculate conditional probabilities
  • Explain and calculate variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation
  • Explain and apply joint moment generating functions
  • State and apply the Central Limit Theorem

Another advantage of our Actuarial Exam P test preparation services is the convenience we offer. All instruction takes place online via our exclusive Live Learning Platform, so you can get face-to-face instruction without leaving the comfort of your home. We also refer you to an instructor who best fits your scheduling needs, mitigating how much to need to rearrange your life to accommodate Actuarial Exam P prep. We understand how valuable your time is to you and design our Actuarial Exam P courses accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more about all the Actuarial Exam P preparation services Varsity Tutors offers, please reach out today! Educational Directors are available by phone or online to help you with any questions you may have.

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