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I approach each tutoring job with the question, “What needs to happen for this particular student to understand this material.” Having taught undergraduates at U.C. Berkeley and middle- and high-school students at the Treasure Island Boys and Girls Club in San Francisco, I have experience working with students from a variety of backgrounds and I know that every one is unique. Further, my goal as a tutor is not merely to impart information, but to guide the student through the learning process so that they can master the subject matter themselves. This requires a highly personalized approach. First, I identify the specific areas where the student needs help, then I craft exercises tailored to the student’s particular learning style. I also find multiple modes – oral, written, kinetic, etc. – through which the student can engage the material and deepen their understanding.

Undergraduate Degree:

Macalester College - Bachelors, Classical Archaeology

Graduate Degree:

University of California-Berkeley - PHD, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

I enjoy hiking, reading, and poring over old maps.

College World History

High School World History

Latin 1

Latin 3

Latin 4


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization

World Civilization