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I’m a dedicated student of history and economics, currently completing my fifth year at Boston University. I’m a passionate and energetic individual who enjoys practicing Spanish, reading fiction, drawing, hiking, and playing basketball. I’m a New Yorker who roots for the Red Sox. I’m a teacher, coach, and mentor who loves helping students reach their goals.

I’ve worked for three museums in a variety of educational roles. At the Columbia County Historical Society I helped lead educational events for young children. Later on, at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the New York Historical Society, I led tours, created educational material (like audio guides), and helped curate exhibits. Since then I’ve tutored students informally in essay writing, economics, european and world history.

My teaching approach focuses on building learning skills, strategies, and habits that help students master curriculum. I work with my students to create a game plan that is tailored to meet their educational needs. We identify strengths and weaknesses, establish goals, and set timetables. We make personalized review guides and study plans. We work through obstacles one step at a time. We find ways to manage stress, frustration, confusion, nervousness, and despair.

So why work with me?

I’m a strategist who knows the best test-taking tricks, organizational habits, and studying tips. I’m a coach that keeps students motivated and focused (even if they don’t like the subject). I’m a patient explainer and a good listener. I’m an expert learner and test-taker who has taken nine advanced placement courses and eight advanced placement exams.

I look forward to sharing my expertise with future students!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Boston University - Bachelors, History and Economics

Hiking, Playing Basketball, Drawing, Reading, Practicing Spanish

AP US History

College Geography

College Level American History

High School Geography

High School Level American History


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization

What is your teaching philosophy?

Students are constantly adapting to change. Each semester brings new teachers to meet, new curriculum to study, and new tests to worry about. Adjusting to all these changes on a regular basis is a tremendous challenge for any student. Even consistently high-scoring students will encounter subjects or teaching styles they struggle with.