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I received my Bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2011 where I majored in Physics. I also earned my Master's from UMass Lowell in 2014. My area of research was in Nuclear Physics and my Thesis topic concerned exotic decays in Nucleii which means I got to analyze radiation given off by a radioactive source and essentially work backwards from these products to put the puzzle pieces together and get an idea of how the particles within a nucleus react when gaining or losing energy. It might sound boring, but it is actually pretty cool when you think about how little we really know about these fundamental particles and how they react and interact. I am currently pursuing my PhD in this field at UMass Lowell.

I also received an Associate's degree in Engineering from Quinsigamond Community College. While there, I got some of my best tutoring experiences working as a peer tutor at their Math Center. It was a drop-in tutoring center where students could receive help in all subjects from basic math to differential equations. I worked with students with varying levels of ability and diverse backgrounds. Many students were learning disabled, non-native english speakers, or were returning students who had not studied math in many years. It was a wonderful experience for me, because I found it extremely satisfying to work with the students who were all there, despite their differences, for the common goal of furthering their education.

Additionally, I have worked as a private tutor since I was a sophomore in high school, so I am very confident in my abilities due to many years of experience. I love helping students in all areas of math, especially algebra and calculus, but I also very much enjoy working with math students in pre-algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and any basic math such as middle school or elementary school math. I love working with students of all ages! I believe every student is capable of learning, no matter what, and find that often what is lacking is not ability but confidence!

My physics background is more in teaching than in tutoring though I did work briefly in both the University's tutoring center and the Physics department tutoring center tutoring undergraduates in both math and physics. I have taught undergraduate physics labs for freshman, sophomores, and juniors since 2010 as a Teaching Assistant at UMass Lowell. Additionally, I have been an adjunct instructor at Daniel Webster College since 2013 where I have taught calculus-based Physics I and II Recitations as well as the algebra-based course Conceptual Physics. I am confident tutoring most undergraduate and high school physics courses but have most experience and enjoyment in Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, and Quantum Mechanics.

In my free time, I am an active volunteer at the Lowell Humane Society. I love animals, and animal rescue is something I have found extremely fulfilling. I mostly help with TNR (trap-neuter-return) efforts to help control the local stray and feral cat population. I also provide foster care for kittens, sick cats, and cats that have a particularly hard time at the shelter offering them an alternative environment for socialization and/or recovery until they can be adopted into a permanent home or can return to the shelter and be adopted from there.

I have an eclectic taste in music, love collecting vinyl, and am always searching for new and interesting artists and groups! I also enjoy baking, knitting, and scrapbooking.

Kati’s Qualifications

Education & Certification

Undergraduate Degree: Umass Lowell - Bachelor of Science, Physics

Graduate Degree: Umass Lowell - Master of Science, Physics

Test Scores

GRE Quantitative: 750

GRE Verbal: 690


Animal Rescue and Volunteering at the Lowell Humane Society. Also, music! Listening to it, collecting it (especially on vinyl!), and singing it (choir kid all though middle and high school, college, and into grad school). I also enjoy boring old lady t

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Algebra 2

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Q & A

What is your teaching philosophy?

Anyone is capable of learning. The key ingredients of a successful student is confidence, perseverance, and a desire to learn. My goal is to help awaken and instill these qualities in my students.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

A typical first session usually consists of a discussion including parent and student to assess what the student's individual needs are and how best I can meet them. It is important to understand the goals desired by everyone to assure that we are all on the same page and working toward a common end.