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Since I was a little girl, history has been in my blood, although being a historian was never my plan (I wanted to be an actress). Growing up I was fascinated with Abraham Lincoln and the untimely passing of such a prominent public figure. I loved every trip to the Chicago Historical Society (known today as the Chicago History Museum) as a child. I enjoyed reading about the Puritans and the Native American culture.

At this point I'm comfortable classifying myself as a historian although it took me awhile to get to this point in my life. In 1999, I received my B.A. in History from Loyola University Chicago and in 2002, I received my M.A. in Public History from the same school. I then went on to earn my Ph.D. in American History from Northern Illinois University in 2011.

I teach college history online full time and I have taught numerous survey and upper-division American history classes at local “traditional” colleges and universities. When I teach, I don't necessarily focus on the facts of history, but on the larger transitions. I want students to understand how history has changed over time. I also try to convey to students that history can be fun to learn.

In my personal life, I am the mother of two small children and I have been married for fifteen years. I workout regularly, but I also enjoy being a couch potato. I love being with my kids and husband. Oh and I love Doctor Who! I also enjoy spending time with my friends, debating current issues, history, and historiography.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Loyola University-Chicago - BA, History

Graduate Degree:

 Loyola University-Chicago - MA, Public History

Graduate Degree:

 Northern Illinois University - Ph.D., American history

spending time with my family and friend, debating current issues, and history

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College Level American History

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High School Level American History

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