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I am a Math teacher/tutor with hands-on teaching experience. This combined with my familiarity of modern teaching strategies makes me a highly effective tutor.

I have worked as a Middle School, High School and College educator and tutor for over 20 years. With this experience I can help students learn strong mathematical concepts that will help them in subsequent stages of their careers. My wealth of experience has enabled me build up innovative, appropriate instructional techniques. I know how to make Math interesting by using contemporary resources and materials that will keep students’ interest piqued at all times.

As an enthusiastic and experienced Math Teacher, I am positive in my capabilities to make a substantial contribution to all students requiring math tutoring. I am an extremely passionate Mathematics Educator. I can teach Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics up to college level. As a tutor who believes in highly visual and hands on techniques my expertise will be extremely beneficial to all students.

Undergraduate Degree:

Kenyatta University - Bachelor in Arts, Mathematics

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10th Grade Math

11th Grade Math

12th Grade Math

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

8th Grade Math

9th Grade Math

Applied Mathematics

Elementary School Math

IB Further Mathematics

IB Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics