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I am a recent graduate from Temple University College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Engineers have the most practical approach in understanding and utilizing the theories of Physics and Mathematics since Mathematics and Physics were developed to serve Engineering purposes. I strongly believe that learning and mastering Mathematical and Physical subjects deeply influences person’s academic experience, builds person’s mentality, strengths his /her problem solving skills, develops his/her critical thinking skills, and teaches him /her creative thinking strategies by applying the scientific method approach in solving scientific problems. For a student, learning Math and Physics from an Engineer’s perspective is defiantly a unique experience. For me, sharing my educations, skills, and experience with students satisfies my passion in helping them to have a solid and practical understanding of Mathematical and Physical theories.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Temple University - BS, Civil Engineering

Reading* exploring and learning new Mathematics and Engineering software * Swimming* watching Debates* Watching Movies