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Varsity Tutors can help you get connected with a private Jacksonville bar exam tutor or enroll you in online courses that can help you get ready for the exam. Aspiring lawyers are required to sit for the bar exam for the state they wish to practice in. The bar exam covers topics such as the attorney-client relationship and understanding conflict of interest in practice, among other topics that you've likely learned during your time in while studying at the Florida Coastal School of Law or another law school. It can be useful to revisit the basics if you have not done so in a while. Whether you prefer to take an online Jacksonville bar exam prep course or get help from a private instructor, you can get a complete review by choosing one of these methods rather than trying to navigate on your own.

What concepts are covered by the Jacksonville bar exam prep?

The bar exam prep you'll take depends on what state you're living in. In Florida, the MPRE, formally known as the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, and the MBE, also called the Multistate Bar Examination, are two national tests you'll need to take. These vary between being two to six hours in length of the exam and cover a variety of topics such as Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Real Property, Torts, and Regulation of the legal profession, to name a few. You'll also face some jurisdiction-specific tests. If you intend to practice in another state, you may decide to take the UBE so you're eligible to practice in any member state.

During Jacksonville bar exam prep, you'll learn about the content and also the format of the tests you need to take. This gives you the opportunity to know what to expect what you go in on exam day. Your instructor can show you how to strategize for tough questions, multiple choice questions, essays, and more. They can show you how to read through the questions carefully and make an educated guess when you're not sure what answer is correct. Your instructor can help you figure out how much time to spend on each question too so you're not focusing too much on one part of the exam or feeling hung up. This can help you power through so you can complete the test with as much accuracy and scrutiny as possible.

What are the benefits of the different types of bar exam prep?

There are two types of prep that Varsity Tutors can set you up with: online courses and private instruction. Some students find one method more appealing, but you can take advantage of both as well. Each option has its own benefits, and no matter what you choose, you'll get up-to-date information about the bar exam. Here are the benefits of both types of Jacksonville bar exam prep.

If you like to work with others in a classroom setting, you'll likely enjoy the Jacksonville bar exam prep class. You'll sign in anywhere you have a quiet workspace and an internet connection, and meet your instructor and fellow classmates through video chat offered on the Live Learning Platform. You can get immediate feedback when you have a question, thanks to the real-time interaction offered. And if you ever have problems understanding a topic, you can reach out to your instructor and get one-on-one help outside of class.

If you'd rather work in a private setting with dedicated support, we can help you connect with a Jacksonville bar exam tutor. As you work together on an individual basis, the instructor can find your strengths and weaknesses and help you focus on the areas you need to improve the most. With a customized study plan, you can skip over areas you feel confident in and focus on what is most important to you to help you get the most out of your time with the instructor. As an added bonus, your bar exam prep mentor can use visual aids, lectures, or other forms of teaching that mesh best with your learning style.

How can I get set up with Jacksonville bar exam preparation?

Whether you choose a class or individual tutoring, your prep sessions will be led by an instructor who is experienced in the content and format of the bar exam. With flexible scheduling and online studying, you'll avoid commutes and have more time to focus on other aspects of your busy life. If you're curious how Jacksonville bar exam prep can help you, get in touch with Varsity Tutors today and see which option is best for your needs.

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