Edwin Arlington Robinson
Lesson plans for "Richard Cory," "Miniver Cheevy," and other poems

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Biography and Background

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Classroom issues, discussion questions, writing ideas, and more.

Modern American Poetry: Edwin Arlington Robinson
This site includes links to criticism and some online poetry.

Perspectives in American Literature: Edwin Arlington Robinson
Scroll down for discussion questions.

"Miniver Cheevy"

"Miniver Cheevy"
Scroll down to find the audio file of poet David Mason reading the poem.

"Richard Cory"

C.S.I.: The Cory Crime Scene
This lesson focuses on facts vs. interpretations, comparing and contrasting.

Robinson, Edwin Arlington: "Richard Cory"
Summary, commentary, and links to important keywords.

Other Poems

Tillbury Town: The Butcher's Tale
After a discussion of multiple interpretations of E. A. Robinson's poem, "Reuben Bright," student writers will decide on one interpretation they like best. They will then write three diary entries, from the point-of-view of Tillbury Town's butcher: one entry immediately after Reuben Bright is told his wife must die; one entry after she has died; and one entry after he has torn down the slaughter house. Students will attempt to capture an authentic-sounding voice as they compose these diary entries inspired by Robinson's sonnet.