Multigenre Projects

A Brochure of Safety Tips
Students summarize information they have read and learned in school to create a brochure of important safety tips. They work in teams, each on a specific area of safety, to create a multimedia presentation on the computer using HyperStudio for text, graphics, and sound or other publishing or presentation software. This lesson is designed for grade 3.

The Differentiator
This clever site helps teachers think through the assessments we establish for our students. It includes a multimedia component. (That summary doesn't do it justice -- give it a try.)

How to: Multi-Genre Research Paper
Examples, definitions, and downloads to guide students through the format of the multigenre paper.

Living Histories
Students explore local history and construct Web pages.

Your Multigenre Web: Everything you need to know to succeed.
Clear, careful explanations, examples, models, annotated bibliography, possible topics, project checklist, and a self-assessment tool. This is an excellent place to start.