Pat Mora
Lesson plans for Tomás and the Library Lady , other stories and poems

Pat Mora
The author's official Web site.

A Birthday Basket for Tia
This lesson plan develops skills of predicting, sequencing, writing, constructing a database, and completing a simple spreadsheet.

Color of Silence: Sensory Imagery in Pat Mora's Poem "Echoes"
Sstudents explore how writers use sensory imagery as a literary device to make text more meaningful for the reader. By the end of the lesson, students apply their learning to their own writing.

This teacher's guide includes prereading questions, vocabulary, discussion questions, ideas for incorporating literature circles and/or reader response, strategies for ESL and interdisciplinary connections, and related titles.

Using Picture Books to Teach Characterization in Writing Workshop
The class searches the text and illustrations for cues to character development and use a graphic organizer to complete a structured analysis of character. This lesson uses Doña Flor ; other titles could be substituted.

Love to Mamá
This teacher's guide includes prereading, vocabulary, discussion questions, ideas for literature circles and reader response, and strategies for ESL and interdisciplinary connections.

My Own True Name
"Students write and present their own poems in response to the works in Mora's collection."

Pablo's Tree
Students create gift trees to give their grandparents.

Thematic Unit Based on Multicultural Children's Literature
This series of lessons focuses on the relationship between children and grandparents. Lesson #1 uses Pablo's Tree , and Lesson #4 uses "Abuelita's Lap," from the book Confetti: Poems for Children .