Monster by Walter Dean Myers
Lesson plans and learning activities

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Biography and Background

A Video Interview with Walter Dean Myers
Biography, bibliography, video clips, and transcripts.

Walter Dean Myers
Biography and list of awards, titles.

Walter Dean Myers' Second Chance Initiative
This page is rich with resources. Scroll down to find podcasts on prewriting, on magical realism, and more.

Lesson Plans and Learning Activities

A collection of reading strategies to support this book, including an anticipation guide, a guided imagery activity, a list of vocabulary words, and others.

Resources shared here include a unit plan, a biopoem template, a KWHL chart, discussion questions, questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy, and a rationale for using the novel in the classroom.

Timeline and handouts: anticipation guide, literature circle questions, reading activity, structure for writing a literary analysis.

Very thorough unit plan/curriculum guide for 8th graders. Addresses setting, characterization, plot structure, context clues, irony. Includes printables: anticipation guide, writing activities, assessments, graphic organizers. Incorporates bellwork, exit slips, Cornell notes, cooperative learning strategies. Word processor required; 250 pages. (Consider saving a copy and printing only the parts you need.)

This digital booktalk (1:08) can serve as a prereading activity.

Monster and Twitter
Students use Twitter extensively as they read, compare and contrast the novel with the play Twelve Angry Men , and create a multigenre project. 18 pages; Adobe Reader required.

Monster Anticipation Guide
This printable handout requires MS-Word or compatible application for access.

Monster : We the People
Students examine due process of law and assess the issues of authority, privacy, responsibility, and justice. Good unit to pair with social studies. 6 pages; Adobe Reader required.

A Question of Truth
Students compare and contrast Monster with Avi's Nothing But the Truth .