Pat Hutchins, Rosie's Walk and other books
Lesson plans and teaching resources

| Biography and Background | | The Doorbell Rang | | Rosie's Walk |

Biography and Background

Pat Hutchins
Brief biography.

Pat Hutchins: Author Study
Bibliography and analysis.

The Doorbell Rang

Fun with Division
Students practice listening skills and division with The Doorbell Rang . Includes handouts and a slide presentation.

How to Spur Progress with Mini-Lessons and Guided Practice
The first mini-lesson on this page uses The Doorbell Rang to teach the strategy of browsing.

Rosie's Walk

Guided Reading: Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins
A thorough approach, with pre-reading and post-reading activities suggested.

Kindergarten Walk
After listening to the story, students make a map of their playground.

Rosie's Walk
Focusing on farms and farm animals, these activities are designed for pre- and post-viewing of a video. They will also work well with a book, though. Adobe Reader or compatible application required for access.

Rosie's Walk
Four lessons: prepositions, inferences, and the sound of the letter "o." This 4-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

Rosie's Walk Activity Card
Extra practice with prepositions: print this page out and send it home for parents and students to work on together. Adobe Reader or compatible application required for access.

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