Historical Fiction
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Reading Historical Fiction

A Balanced and Critical Approach to Historical Fiction
A college professor discusses the strengths and drawbacks of incorporating historical fiction in the classroom.

Traveling the Road to Freedom Through Research and Historical Fiction
In this extensive unit plan, middle-school students read Escape North! The Story of Harriet Tubman to analyze character traits of a real historical figure, develop criteria for historical fiction, evaluate a variety of historical perspectives, and gain an understanding of an important period in American history. Includes handouts and assessment.

Why and How I Teach with Historical Fiction
A fifth grade teacher explains the value of integrating historical fiction into a unit.

Writing Historical Fiction

5 Historical Fiction Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
This article includes warnings against insufficient research, losing story focus, and other potential dangers.

Historical Research for Fiction Writers
Discussion of the role of primary and secondary sources, research tools, and snares to avoid. This page will work well for middle school and older.

How to do Research for Historical Fiction: Balancing Fact and Fiction
This article offers good specific examples of what to avoid. My favorite part: "You can get absolutely everything you need from just one source: Wikipedia. Okay, just kidding."

How to Teach Historical Fiction Writing to Children
A list of 8 tips and — scroll down — a warning and good precaution.

How to Write Historical Fiction With a Graphic Organizer
Suggestions for using a story map.

Things to Keep In Mind When Teaching Historical Fiction Writing
Good advice for all grade levels.