Henry V
Lesson plans and teaching ideas

For introductory, background and other resources, try Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age . For links to other plays, try the Shakespeare Main Page.

Battle of Agincourt
This music video makes a good introduction to the play. It offers a synopsis of the plot and uses clips from the Brannagh production.

Henry V
Based on the 1989 Branagh video, this site includes a viewing guide, discussion questions, the literary context, and more.

Henry V
A thorough exploration of the play, including background information.

Henry V Paraphrasing Worksheet
Students practice putting Shakespearean language into their own words. Designed for grades 5-8. 62 pages; word processor required. Consider using the document digitally or downloading it and printing only what students will use.

How ‘Few’ Were in the ‘Band of Brothers’? How History is Determined
In this lesson, students examine data that calls into question the established story of the Battle of Agincourt. By analyzing a primary source and engaging in a "data battle," students develop a sense of the values that are formed around a major historical event.

The Ironies of Success in Politics: Introduction to Shakespeare's Henry V
This lecture provides background information.

The Life of King Henry V
Text of the play.

A Teacher's Guide to the Signet Classic edition of William Shakespeare's Henry V
This comprehensive guide includes a synopsis, prereading and postreading activities, discussion questions, suggestions for group projects, and suggestions for related reading. Requires Adobe Reader or equivalent application.

Teaching Shakespeare, Act I-V
A variety of suggestions for approaching all the plays, not just Henry V .

Shakespeare’s Henry V retold in 30 tweets by Alan Peat
Good introduction to the plot.

Shakespeare's Wars Meet Star Wars
This strategy encourages students to find common elements in film clips as a means to become more engaged in the text. Handout included; Adobe Reader or compatible application required to access the handout.

What Shakespeare Plays Originally Sounded Like
This video (10:07) uses examples from the sonnets, the prologues to Henry V and Romeo and Juliet , and lines from As You Like It to explore the impact of Original Pronunciation on understanding Shakespeare's language.