Ernest Hemingway
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Biography and Background

Havana, Cuba in Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea
A photo of Hemingway with his family and 4 marlins. Follow links on Google maps for pictures of Havana today.

Ernest Hemingway
A collection of links from the Nobel Prizes archive.

Ernest Hemingway
A collection of photographs of Hemingway, arranged chronologically.

Ernest Hemingway Creates a Reading List for a Young Writer, 1934
Two short stories, 14 books, and some advice for writers.

Fishing with Hemingway
Students investigate Hemingway's life. Then they research and write about the life of someone whose profession or experience interests them.

Poetry and brief biography.

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
Designed to go with the PBS series, this site provides a great deal of biographical and background information.

Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in his Time
Biography with photos of the author and of artifacts.

Timeless Hemingway
Biography, photos, message boards, a quote finder, and related links.

Short Stories

Ernest Hemingway: Resources
Links to etexts, related links, documentaries, and more, hosted by AP Central/College Board.

"A Clean, Well-lighted Place"
Summary and commentary. Themes/topics are suggested by the keywords.

Discovering Ernest Hemingway and Myself from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute
Exploring short stories using a workshop approach.

"The End of Something"
Summary, extensive analysis, and suggestion for approaching reading.

"The End of Something"
Among the teaching resources here, don't miss the plot summary video. It can serve as a prereading activity or as an introduction to analysis.

"Hills Like White Elephants"
Text of the story in PDF format. 4 pages; Adobe Reader required.

"Hills Like White Elephants"
Summary and commentary.

"The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber": Making Evidence-Based Claims Literary Technique Unit
Click on the link under "Unit Plans and Texts." Students develop the ability to make evidence-based claims through a close reading of the text. Includes thorough lesson plans and handouts. Designed for grade 9. Adobe Reader required

"Three Shots": Ernest Hemingway's Nick Adams
Students study issues related to independence and notions of manliness in Hemingway's "Three Shots" as they conduct character analysis, consider the significance of environment to growing up, and investigate Hemingway's prose style. In addition, they will have the opportunity to write and revise a short story based on their own childhood experiences and together create a short story collection.

A Farewell to Arms

Astonishing Photo Collection Of Life In WWI Trenches Has Just Been Unearthed
Black and white photos from World War I showing trenches, other aspects of war. Good for pre-reading.

A Farewell to Arms
Historical background, author biography, related works, discussion questions, related resources, and a thorough teacher's guide. These materials were prepared as part of the NEA Big Read.

Vocabulary from A Farewell to Arms
Words are presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, examples of recent use, more.

The Old Man and the Sea

Click here: these resources have been moved to their own page.

The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises
Reading strategies to support study of the book, including an anticipation guide, a guided imagery activity, and practice with vocabulary.

Photograph and additional information about the city.