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Analyzing Motion Pictures
This 1-page teacher guide offers questions for students who are analyzing movies. From the U. S. Library of Congress, requires Adobe Reader for access.

Camera Angles
How are a three-shot, a canted angle shot, and a dolly shot different from one another? Find the answers here.

City of Cranes
This lesson in perspective includes both activities and the 14-minute video City of Cranes , available to watch online.

Film Canon Project
A list of titles appropriate for the classroom, organized by grade level, by type, and by release date. List includes a one-sentence synopsis and a link to the trailer.

Film in the Classroom
Resources, and more. Handouts (storyboard, viewing log) require Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Greatest Films
Interpretive, descriptive review commentary and historical background for hundreds of classic Hollywood and other American films in the last century, a wealth of film reference material of all kinds, a famous film quotations quiz, a complete Academy Awards (Oscars) History and detailed Film History - by decade, and hundreds of colorful, vintage film poster reproductions.

How to Close Read the Language of Film
Suggestions for how to teach this skill. Includes stills from Titanic , other films.

Movie Speeches
This archive from the American Rhetoric collection includes a variety of clips and scripts organized alphabetically by title of movie. Titles starting with the will be found under "T".

Movie Trailers As Persuasive Texts
This page is a resource for teachers who wish to consider using trailers to teach students about persuasive texts and techniques.

Studying Feature Films
This page includes a list of recommended feature films by genre and suggestions for analyzing and writing about films in general. Scroll down for a list of related links.

Through the Lens of Robert Capra
In this lesson, students will use guided reading techniques to learn about Capa's style and to discover the techniques that made him a great photographer. Students will also learn the basics of telling compelling stories through photos. In the culminating activity, each student will create a photo essay telling a story that has personal significance. This lesson from PBS is part of the American Masters series.

Using Documentary Film as an Introduction to Rhetoric
This extensive unit plan was prepared by classroom teachers and designed for AP classes. This 65-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.