Blue Balliett
Lesson plans for Chasing Vermeer and other books

| Biography and Background | | The Calder Game | | Chasing Vermeer | | The Wright 3 |

Biography and Background

Blue Balliett
Author site, including author information, book information and excerpts, and games related to the books.

Interview with Blue Balliett
A series of 14 video clips dated May 2008.

Introducing the Novels of Blue Balliett
Prereading, discussion questions, and postreading project ideas for Chasing Vermeer , The Wright 3 , and The Calder Game .

The Calder Game

The Calder Game
Video book talk, 1:31.

Chasing Vermeer

These lesson plans have moved to their own page .

The Wright 3

The Wright 3
Synopsis and activities: writing a booktalk, decoding and interpreting a quotation, and research. Includes printable handouts. Adobe Reader required; 11 pages.

The Wright 3
Summary and background information (and cool trivia).

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