Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
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Biography and Background

Lewis Carroll
Part of the Victorian Web, this site includes biography, historical background, analysis, and discussion questions.

Lewis Carroll
Biography from Wikipedia.

Queen Victoria's Scrapbook
Artifacts and insights related to the life and reign of Queen Victoria.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

12 Absurd Facts About Alice in Wonderland
Ignore the word "absurd" in the title — this page works well for prereading, postreading, or a sponge activity.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Use the arrows at the top to navigate this digitized edition dated 1928.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Etext in multiple formats, including EPUB, Kindle, and PDF.

Adventures in Wonderland: A Genre Study
Designed for third grade, this thorough unit plan includes vocabulary and plans for 11 lessons plus independent projects and a culminating activity. It includes rubrics, graphic organizers, literature circle guides, and other handouts. The 38-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

Alice in Wonderland: An Interactive Adventure
A word search and other online learning activities.

Alice in Wonderland
Designed for third grade, this thorough unit plan includes comprehension questions, vocabulary, learning activities, and the script for a mock trial that serves as a culminating activity. This 22-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland vocabulary words

Words are presented in context and with definitions. Click on a word for pronunciation, examples of recent usage, more.

The Best Illustrations from 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland
Writing prompts:

  • Aside from topic, how are these illustrations similar? How are they different? Include references to the book.
  • Choose one of Lisbeth Zwerger's illustrations. Explain how her use of distortion complements the text.
  • The drawings by Robert Steadman are black-and-white only. What advantage do you see to that style, if any? What disadvantage, if any? Include references to the book.
  • The illustrations by Tove Jansson and John Vernon Lord have color in some and not in others. What difference does color make in the illustrations? Include key quotations where possible.
  • The drawings by Leonard Weisgard begin simply and become increasingly complex and fanciful. In what ways does this complement the text? Refer to specific passages.
  • Salvador Dali often "colors outside the line." What does this add to his illustrations? Include key quotations where possible.
  • Circles and other geometric shapes dominate the illustrations by Yayoi Kusama. How does this contribute to her illustrations? Include reference to specific passages where possible.
  • The last set of pictures is from a pop-up book by Robert Sabuda. What does the 3-D art offer than 2-D doesn't, in terms of Alice in Wonderland ? Include reference to the text where possible.

Childhood through the Looking Glass
Students compare and contrast Lewis Carroll's depiction of childhood in Alice in Wonderland with photos of the real Alice, with their own drawings, and with poetry about childhood by William Blake.

A Trip to Wonderland
This unit explores elements of wonder, distortion, fantasy, and whimsy in The Nursery "Alice," Lewis Carroll's adaptation for younger readers of his classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland .