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Varsity Tutors can offer those aiming for IT security certification a Columbus CompTIA Security+ certification class that can help you prepare for your exam with guided review and feedback from a qualified instructor. A CompTIA Security+ certificate can give your resume some extra credibility, demonstrating to employers that you take your career in security seriously and that you have the skills to identify and directly address security incidents. This can give you extra leverage when you're looking to negotiate a raise or promotion, and may even open up new job opportunities. As the certification exam stands between you and this potential boost to your career, Columbus CompTIA Security+ certification training can be seen as an investment in your future.

The CompTIA Security+ certification exam will last 90 minutes and can include up to 90 questions covering aspects of network and operational security. You'll be asked to show that you're competent in areas like installing and configuring secure systems, risk mitigation and threat analysis, detection of security compromises and penetration testing, risk management and best business practices, and much more. There are no strict prerequisites for the exam, but it is recommended that you already hold a CompTIA Network+ certification and additionally have at least two years of experience in security-focused IT administration.

As the CompTIA Security+ certification expects you to have some highly-developed skills, you may benefit from a Columbus CompTIA Security+ certification course even if you're an experienced professional. The exam covers a very broad range of knowledge, and you may not have had the chance to apply some of the necessary skills in a hands-on capacity in the course of your career. By working with an expert instructor and a classroom full of other IT security specialists you can work to ensure that you've got what it takes to pass the exam, as you can gain insight into the structure of the test and the topics you'll need to master to do well. Your instructor can deliver lectures on crucial material, go over sample problems, and may lead group discussions where you can be exposed to the diverse perspectives and technical backgrounds of your colleagues. The combined experience of your classmates can be a valuable resource as you prepare for your certification exam, and you'll be able to share your own knowledge too, which can reinforce your existing skills. Plus, you'll be able to request one-on-one time with your instructor outside of class, so you can go over difficult questions in-depth and get immediate answers to clear up misunderstandings.

Columbus CompTIA Security+ certification training is offered entirely online, and you'll access your classroom remotely through video chat. You'll be able to see and speak with your instructor and classmates face-to-face without having to add an expensive and time-wasting commute to your day, which can be a serious boon to busy professionals. You can take control of your own study environment and find a workspace that's effective for you, whether that's your own home or office, or a public cafe or library like Thompson Library or the Grandview Heights Public Library. There are several class meeting times on offer, and you can pick between two-week and four-week class sections, making it easier to find a class that suits your availability.

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors we'll be happy to discuss our offerings, give you more information about classes, and get you enrolled in a Columbus CompTIA Security+ certification class. Class sections are starting on a monthly basis, so the class that's right for you might be just around the corner. Give us a call today and let us assist you in taking this step towards pursuing higher levels of IT security certification.

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