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I am an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I have tutored students since my early high school years. I've had experience instructing and guiding a variety of students, from young middle schoolers taking their first steps into the world of computer programming to my own peers struggling with their calculus exams. Over the past year alone, I've worked with over 30 students, spending several hours each day to help them stay up to speed on their schoolwork. I specialize in many areas of math as well as computer science, biology and physics. When tutoring students, I draw on my own experience with learning the material to identify and address the obstacles they face. I believe that promoting a deeper level of understanding of the subject, as opposed to merely teaching to the test or problem set, will enable students to excel in the long-term.

Undergraduate Degree:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Current Undergrad, Computer Science

SAT Composite: 2390

SAT Math: 800

SAT Verbal: 800

SAT Writing: 790

Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Piano


AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A

College Biology

College Computer Science

College Physics

Discrete Math

High School Biology

High School Computer Science

High School Physics




SAT Subject Tests Prep

SAT Verbal

Technology and Computer Science