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I am a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania majorin gin Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. My academic interests stem mainly from science and math, but I like to branch out as well. I have been tutoring peers since middle school, which has allowed me to develop my abilities as a tutor. When I tutor someone, the most important goal is to make sure both of us understand the root ideas of the subject and are able to not only use, but understand the equations to solve the problems.

Outside of academic work, I love playing sports. I have played tennis for most of my life and enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and soccer as well. Since starting college, I have also become heavily involved in competitive Latin and Ballroom dance.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Pennsylvania - Current Undergrad, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

ACT Composite: 34

ACT English: 35

ACT Math: 36

ACT Reading: 32

ACT Science: 36

AP Biology: 5

AP Chemistry: 5

AP Calculus BC: 5

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism: 5

AP Physics C: Mechanics: 5

AP English Language: 4

AP US History: 4

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 800

AP Microeconomics: 4

SAT Subject Test in Physics: 780

SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M: 800

SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: 800

Competitive Latin & Ballroom Dance, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Skiing, Piano