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I first became interested in tutoring when I was asked by my high school counselor to stay after school a few days per week in order to help other students with their homework. Finding it to be very interesting and exciting, I have since continued to tutor and teach across varying contexts.

My first job after graduating college sent me to rural Tanzania where I was a homeschool teacher for two boys aged 9 and 11. I taught all academic subjects for which I created my own lessons and material. The boy were at extremely different levels, as the 9 year old was very advanced and the 11 year old was autistic and had Sensory Integration Disorder. Among my proudest accomplishments was not only teaching the 11 year old to read, but igniting his desire to read. It was an extremely rewarding position!

In 2012 I was granted a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey. For one academic year I taught Conversational English to over 250 Turkish university students. I prepared and implemented original material, including syllabi, lesson plans as well as both written and oral exams. Additionally, I tutored numerous faculty and families in the community and edited papers for Kirikkale University colleagues.

After completing these formal teaching positions, I have continued to tutor and teach in more informal settings around the globe including to refugees in the West Bank, asylum seekers in London and immigrants in Charlotte aspiring to become US citizens.

I look forward to continuing my experience with Varsity Tutors and hope to continue making an educational impact.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Delaware - Bachelors, International Relations

Graduate Degree:

University of Edinburgh - Masters, International Relations of the Middle East with Arabic

Traveling, volunteering, learning new languages, golfing, hiking


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