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Hello and Welcome to Varsity Tutors :)
I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills, energy and excitement to Varsity Tutors. I have had over 30 years experience working in education; 14 of those years as a teacher, 6 years as an administrator, 1 year as a high school counselor, 1 year administration/teaching in a correctional facility and 2 years working with juvenile sex offenders. I earned my Master's degree in Educational Leadership and am currently working on completely the few classes I need to earn my second master's degree in Educational Guidance and Counseling.
I have a gift working with ALL children (the gifted to the ones who need additional help which is just really them needing it to be presented in a way that makes sense to them:) I teach to all modalities (visual, tactile, and auditory). What that means is...if your child is a visual learner meaning they need to SEE it ...I use lots of pictures and other visual aids, if they learn better by listening then I combine the visual with lots of descriptions, if they need to use their body and hands then we do lots of hands-on experiments:)
I.. of course... take time to get to know your child on a personal level, develop a rapport and find out what motivates them:) This makes the best learning experiences...I do find that meeting in a library produces the best learning environment (away from home and other distractions but am ALWAYS open to whatever arrangements work best for you and your personal situation.
Happy hunting ...finding the right tutor is extremely important if your child is going to get anything out of tutoring:) Make it a great day!!!

Nina Soldano

Undergraduate Degree:

RCC/CSUSB - Bachelors, Sociology-Associates / Liberal Arts

Graduate Degree:

SDSU - Masters, Educational Leadership

cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, & dancing




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Elementary School Math

High School English

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