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Learning can be hard. Teachers are busy and you have twenty other classmates also vying for their attention. Sometimes you just need someone to help you explain a topic, one on one, and walk you through examples. Maybe you just want someone to check your homework for errors, or make sure your essay makes sense. I am available for all of this help and more. But the one thing I promise is a stress free environment. It is easier to learn when things are chill.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill - Bachelors, Geology / Ancient History

Graduate Degree:

Iowa State University - Masters, Geophysics

Movies, Board Games

10th Grade Math

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade Math

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Writing

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Writing

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Writing

College English

College World History

Creative Writing

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Writing

Fiction Writing

High School English

High School World History

High School Writing

Homework Support

Life Sciences

Middle School Writing


Persuasive Writing



US History

What is your teaching philosophy?

Learning can be boring, especially in school. I'd rather focus on fun, and then learn along the way. Everything is better with a laugh and a smile.