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I have been teaching K-12 for 7 years now, 3 years in public schools, 3 years in a charter school working with high-risk students, and 2 years subbing all grades and subjects. My research interest is in early cognitive development, how children learn to perceive and solve problems in school and in life. I am a believer in Multiple Intelligence Theory: everyone is a genius in their own way, and if you can speak their brain's language you can teach anyone anything. I have a skill for rephrasing questions and problems in new ways so that a student can solve the problem on their own, without further help from me. I am a good communicator and motivator. I have been told I can inspire people to do things they never thought they could do, show them how to do it, and convince them it was all them when they succeed.

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio State University-Main Campus - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Art

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio State University-Main Campus - Materials Engineer, Education

Physics, art, playing guitar


Art History

College English

College Geography


Elementary School Math

High School English

High School Geography