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I dual majored in History and Political Science while attending Bowling Green State University. As an undergraduate student I was highly involved in campus activities and event planning. I spent much of my time advocating for various groups on campus and working to enrich student life. After graduating I worked for the Department of Defense, Finance and Accounting Service, for a short time. This experience allowed me to apply my scholastic knowledge of bureaucracy to the real world workings of the government. After working to promote the welfare of our service men and women; I decided to further my education and attend graduate school.
I enrolled in Earlham College’s Arts and Teaching program where I learned the pedagogy of holistic education. I received a Master’s Degree in Education and I currently hold licensures in Socials Studies in Indiana and Ohio; I have taught in disadvantaged communities for three years, focusing on improving literacy. As a professional educator I have learned that inspiration is the supreme teacher. Understanding is at the core of all learning and learning is only beneficial if understanding is respected as the true teacher, and I a mere instrument for its song.
I believe that a teacher must challenge, inspire, and create in her students a sense of wonderment and awe; it is her duty to instill in the pupil the desire to be a lifelong learner, because life is itself an education.

Undergraduate Degree:

 BGSU - BA, Poly Sci/History

Chess, Jogging, and Reading

College English

Elementary School Math

High School English