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It is my belief that what makes a great teacher is the ability to listen and fully take in where a particular student is coming from. We don't ask enough questions of our students. Each of us is so very unique, with a specific way in which we learn and take in information. We must ask questions in order to find out where a student is coming from and how they view their own challenges, so that we can truly impart information that will help that specific student become a better learner. My job is to not only help the student overcome specific content hurdles, but to also help them become a better learner overall. That is my global view on our responsibility as educators. The teachers that impacted me the most where the ones that engaged my creativity while challenging me to go further and bolstering my belief in myself.

Therefore, it is my responsibility to carefully observe and take in what an individual students challenges or blocks may be, and tailor my tutoring specifically to target those challenges, while reinforcing what the student already does well. My ability to use my instincts and my observational listening skills to uncover a students potential challenges, coupled with my natural teaching ability and my verbal communication skills make me a very effective tutor. My students will feel challenged and confident in their ability and this will produce major educational growth and quantifiable results.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Texas State University-San Marcos - BFA, Theatre

Graduate Degree:

 Yale University - MFA, Drama-Acting

Reading, writing, yoga, basketball, running

College English

High School English


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization