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I received my Bachelor of Science degree at Ohio University, where I majored in Business and Interpersonal Communications. I then went out into the business world for a decade before earning my Master's Degree at the University of Phoenix here in Dallas.

I have tutored students as young as 4-5th grade, and college students too, but my main concentrations have been with grades 7-12. I worked with 36 high school seniors who could not pass the TAKS Tests a few years back, and was able to get 35 of the students passing grades, which allowed them to graduate. I have also helped 8th graders who needed to take assessment tests to enter high school early pass the tests and successfully move up a grade. It is a wonderful experience to help students learn, and many of those whom I work with are really smart but just ned a little guidance, confidence, or an understanding at how to look at a problem a little differently. My main subject areas have been English, Writing, Public Speaking, Math, Science, United States History and Geometry. I also tutor standardized test taking.

One of my strengths as a tutor is to take difficult subjects or concepts and make them easier to understand. I am completely dedicated to helping students get better. I like for teaching and learning to be fun, because students learn more if they are enjoying what they are being taught.

My outside interests are enjoying time with my family, traveling, sports, and working out. In addition, I work with a non-profit organization that helps children, and we offer them sports and entertainment programs as a way to give them positive activities to do and goals to achieve.

I look forward to working with you and helping you learn more and improve in your areas of academic interest.

Undergraduate Degree:

Ohio University-Main Campus - Bachelor of Science, Interpersonal Commmunication/Business

Graduate Degree:

University of Phoenix-Dallas Campus - Master of Science, Business Administration/Marketing

sports, sports watching, traveling, running and exercising, and spending time with my family.


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High School Economics

High School English

High School Geography

High School Level American History