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I am a proud graduate of The Ohio State University. I studied Middle Childhood Education with a focus on the subject areas of English and Math. I continued my education at Lewis University where I received my Master’s Degree in Education. I am currently a sixth grade teacher, and I have worked with students at every learning level, from intervention to honors courses. While I as most passionate about writing and grammar, I also love to help students in the area of math because, as a middle school student myself, I often felt that math was just “confusing” and “too hard.” I never imagined that I would be a math teacher myself, but my own experience has helped me identify with my struggling students and help them to be CONFIDENT in their math skills! I understand that no matter what topic students are learning, they need to find it interesting in some way – this is my specialty! For example, I like to watch and play sports and listen to music. If I had a student with the same interests, I would use reading materials such as sports articles and song lyrics to appeal to that student. In math, I would use player statistics and sheet music to make concepts clear. In the end, I know is it important for students to connect with what they are learning in order for ideas to stick!

Undergraduate Degree:

The Ohio State University - Bachelor of Science, Middle Childhood Education

Graduate Degree:

Lewis University - Masters in Education, Elementary Education

Music, outdoor activities, sports - coaching and exercise, doing crafts and DIY projects, reading, spending time with family, baking

College English

Comparative Literature

Elementary School Math

High School English


Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization