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With the privilege of calling myself a Northwestern University alumni, I had also the incredible gift of having professors that taught me truly how to learn. While critical and analytical thinking are trite buzzwords surrounding all academia, it takes a fundamental shift in mindset to embody these skills. My job is to guide my students towards this ability to extract knowledge and autonomy in learning in order to apply it to all academic endeavors.

My journey took me through a degree of Biomedical Engineering, and also a tenure as a high school Physics, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology teacher. I have intentions of attending medical school, and hope to utilize the principles I have learned through my classes and independent study through the sciences to pass on the joy of understanding and mastery through the basic sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and also the prerequisite Mathematics for the Physical Sciences such as Algebra.

I enjoy the sports and outdoors, in particular snowboarding, surfing, and rock climbing, while also dabbling in the musical arts (particularly piano and violin). My primary intention is to facilitate the development of your confidence in the subject you choose by focusing on understanding, rather than rote memorization and drilling. Helping you understand the bigger picture is the path to mastery and robust skills that can be applied across disciplines.

Let's work together and discover how cool science can be!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Northwestern University - BS, Biomedical Engineering

 State Certified Teacher

MCAT: 40

MCAT Physical Sciences: 14

MCAT Verbal Reasoning: 12

MCAT Biological Sciences: 14

Rock climbing, surfing, running, CrossFit, dancing, piano, violin