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I love doing Math with all grades from Middle School to college. It started when I was in High School in 12th grade, when my principal asked me to review the 1st quarter program for students newly admitted. After completing my MS Degree in math at a university in France, I worked as an assistant professor at the Senegalese state university for nine years, during which I enjoyed solving math problems with students in calculus, algebra and trigonometry. Since 2009 I have been helping students as a substitute teacher in AISD and then FWISD. I am currently teach as adjunct faculty at TCC where college algebra became my favor subject. I also enjoy teaching French as a language, since I used it from elementary school to college. I am a multicultural collection of African, French and now American cultures, cultures that have helped me adapt with any family and environment.

Undergraduate Degree:

Univerte de Tunis-Tunisia - Bachelors, Math

Graduate Degree:

Universite Paris VII-France - Masters, Math

Internet, Magic Squares, Music