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If you've decided to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, you might need extra assistance when it comes to reviewing the material covered in the test, and Varsity Tutors can help you out by enrolling you in a Memphis PMP certification course. There are many benefits to getting your PMP certification, such as showing your employer or potential employer that you are capable of meeting goals, staying in budget, and completing your projects on time.

Before you take the PMP certification test, you'll want to know what the prerequisites are to be certified. You'll need to have either a secondary degree or a four-year degree. Both degrees require that you need 35 hours of project management education, but with a four-year degree, you'll only need 4,500 hours of leading and directing projects in a professional setting, whereas with a secondary degree, you're going to need 7,500 hours.

Knowing about the structure of the PMP exam can also help you prepare more effectively. The test takes up to four hours to complete 200 multiple-choice questions. These questions cover more than 40 different "tasks" or responsibilities that are important to project management. Since the PMP is considered quite complex, you will have to show that you understand everything from close-out procedures to conflict management techniques.

Though you undoubtedly learned quite a lot of information during your degree program at a school such as the University of Memphis, and you most likely picked up even more information through on-the-job experience, the examination is wide-ranging and there may be topics or concepts that you haven't been using on a regular basis and need help reviewing. Through your Memphis PMP course, you'll have direct interaction with an instructor who is knowledgeable about the test itself and about the material it will be covering. You'll also be able to study with other students who share a common goal with you.

An instructor can conduct lectures, encourage discussions, and involve you in exercises that are focused on helping you review as much material as you can in an atmosphere that fosters collaborative learning. While you work alongside other students, you'll be able to communicate with them, which gives you a chance to see things from their perspective. You can also offer your own advice to someone who is struggling with a topic that you have a firm understanding of. When you help others, or they help you, it provides you both with an opportunity to hone your expertise in a subject. You can always request some one-on-one time with your instructor, who can use this time to help you dig deeper into a topic that's particularly challenging to you.

Because Memphis PMP certification training is conducted in a virtual learning environment, it can be easier for you to budget time for it. You can forget all about long commutes, and there are class sections that begin each month. The sections take place on different days and at different times, so you can find one that is suitable for the schedule you'd like to keep.

Enrolling in a Memphis PMP certification class can provide many benefits that you may not find if you are trying to review everything you need to know on your own. Whatever your personal project management goals are, this online class is capable of helping you brush up on and review topics that you're struggling with so you can feel more confident when it's time to take your PMP certification exam. Get in touch with Varsity Tutors when you are ready to begin the process of enrolling in Memphis PMP certification training.

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