Classroom Poetry Slams

Become a slam poet in five steps
In this animated TED-Ed video (3:32), International Slam Poet Champion Gayle Danley presents 5 steps for writers. Follow links to assessment, additional resources.

A Brief Guide to Slam Poetry
This page includes a short essay and related links.

An Incomplete History of Slam
Background to slam, arranged chronologically. Click on "Index" for organization by topic.

Poetry Slam
Frequently Asked Questions, rules, and other resoures from Poetry Slam Incorporated.

Poetry Slam
Students will locate a poem of their choice from a designated website to interpret. Students will then search the Internet for performances of the poem they select. In addition to creating a written interpretation of the poem, including references to websites they visited to view other performances, students will perform the poem of their choice before a live audience. Prior to their performance, students will create posters using Glogster to advertise the slam. As audience members, students will evaluate the performance of their peers.

A Poetry Slam Cures the Midwinter Blahs
A teacher reflects on a poetry slam held in her classroom. Scroll down for links to additional information.

Poetry Slam: PowerPoint Style
Students select poems, create slide presentations that use graphics and text to enhance those poems, and then display their presentations as they read their poems aloud.

Stage a Poetry Slam!
Definition and tips for planning a poetry slam, and related national standards.

What to Expect at a Poetry Slam
Tips for newbies, related links.