Gordon Korman
Lesson plans and teaching resources

Gordon Korman
The author's official home page.

Book Talks
Scroll down on the page to find links to book talks about several books by Korman.

An Interview with Gordon Korman
A series of 17 short video clips with emphasis on The 39 Clues .

Blogging with PhotoVoice: Sharing Pictures in an Integrated Classroom
In this lesson, students are given a prompt, take photographs in response to it, post reflections on a blog, and search for commonalties while relating the pictures back to characters in texts they have read. It can be used as a prewriting activity for essays or other assignments. It would work well with Jake, Reinvented and other texts.

Born to Rock
Discussion questions and follow-up interdisciplinary project ideas.

Chasing the Falconers
This digital booktalk (1:23) makes a good pre-reading activity.

The Juvie Three
Booktalk, pre-reading question, a dozen post-reading discussion questions, cross-curricular project suggestions.

No More Dead Dogs
Booktalk and 10 discussion questions for fourth grade and above.

No More Dead Dogs

Schooled by Gordon Korman
Booktalk and 10 discussion questions for third grade and above.

Shipwreck by Gordon Korman
Book talk and 11 discussion questions for third grade and above.

A good prereading activity: this online quiz asks readers to respond to a series of questions about survival and then compares the reader to a character in the book.

The Sixth Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman
Summary, 8 discussion questions, and related titles.

Son of the Mob Digital Booktalk
This short video (2:09) could serve as a prereading activity.

Survival : Island, Book 2
Booktalk and 11 discussion questions, related titles.