45 Ways to Avoid Using the word very
This graphic will encourage students to use stronger descriptors. It uses an approach of "Instead of ___ use ___."

Be the Editor!
Students search for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors in a work sheet about famous African-Americans. Designed for grades 3-8.

The Cutting Edge: Exploring How Editing Affects an Author's Work
Students examine the writing of short-story author Raymond Carver as well as their own writing to explore how editing can affect the text, content and context of an author's work.

The Editor's Desk
Andy Bechtel teaches editing and writing at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill. His blog explores issues related to newspaper copy editing.

Paramedic Method: A Lesson in Writing Concisely
This handout explains the Paramedic Method and provides 3 sample sentences and revisions.

The Slot: A Spot for Copy Editors
Words of wisdom from Bill Walsh, an editor who still cares about precise language. Check this site often.

When you Reeeaaallly Want to Say Something
Students will learn to edit their writing by replacing phrases using common intensifiers such as very and really with more precise language. Student partners will use the Visual Thesaurus to revise "intensifier-heavy" dialogues to become more concise and effective.