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Lynne Cherry
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The Armadillo from Amarillo

The Armadillo from Amarillo
Free downloadable materials for use with a Promethean board, including vocabulary, grammar, and spelling activities.

Simple Symbols
Students will recognize and use the word "symbol" and create a glyph using symbols about themselves. The Armadillo from Amarillo is integrated into this lesson plan. Requires Adobe Reader or comparable application for access.

The Five Themes of Me
This lesson integrates The Armadillo From Amarillo and other books with developing skills in geography.

Where in the World
This lesson uses Google Earth and the book The Armadillo from Amarillo to teach students about location and the ways one might describe his or her location. Designed for grades 1-3.

The Great Kapok Tree

Step Two of this unit integrates The Great Kapok Tree .

The Great Kapok Tree
Summary, discussion points, activities, and related titles.

The Great Kapok Tree : A Social Studies lesson
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of animals, people and plants in the rainforest by participating in an ecosystem simulation.

The Great Kapok Tree : Teaching about Conflict in Literature
Students gain an understanding of the development of plot and of how conflict is resolved in literature. Students demonstrate this understanding by completing a graphic organizer.

This I Can Do
This lesson will familiarize students with the concept of stewardship and the practice of that stewardship by problem-solving what an individual or group can do to take care of our natural environment. While written for a Catholic Elementary School, this lesson may be adapted easily for public school use. Includes vocabulary, writing.

A Visit to the Rain Forest
After listening to The Great Kapok Tree , students play a card game to arrange the animals in the sequence that they appear in the story. Scroll to the bottom for related links.

A River Ran Wild

Rivers for the Common Good
The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the concept of the life of a river and pollution through the story A River Ran Wild . This is the first of 5 lessons dealing with rivers.

Saving the Environment Through Picture Books
Using A River Ran Wild and Brother Eagle, Sister Sky , students practice identifying main idea and supporting details from non-fiction and historical fiction literature. They will develop an appreciation for the environment and learn ways in which people abuse while others protect our natural resources.

The Shaman's Apprentice

The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynn Cherry and Mark J. Plotkin
Summary, analysis, and 3 sets of discussion questions based on themes in the story.