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Personal statement by Daniel Martino (By all means, if you want to skip the long introduction, you can jump to paragraphs 3, 4, and the beginning of 5 )

I grew up in the Argentine's pampas, on a farm close to a town of 4,000 people called Maria Teresa. That is in the Province of Santa Fe. If I have somehow to describe it, I would say that is a region where the crickets sing undisturbed, the firefly flashes in thousand places at the same time like the busiest airport conceivable. Where the winds blow free against that scattered trees mostly artificially planted. As you may know, Argentina's pampas mean plain terrain, just grass growing up there naturally.

From the farm in the middle of nowhere, I migrated by myself to the big city of Buenos Aires when I was 21. It was a tough economy at that time. Anyhow I managed to get certificates in plumbing, electricity, Portuguese, and computers. More than anything, the study of computer architecture was painful. Not because it was hard, but because I couldn't afford to buy a computer myself.

I came to the U.S. when I turned 27. I finally completed my dream of owning my computer. I was, by no means, an expert. But I was stubborn in figuring out how it works because that is the only thing I knew in life: fight and sacrifice. In one case, even before I went to my first school, BMCC, my computer would get randomly a Blue Screen of Death. For months I tried different things without success. My computer continued on top of the table where I would see it every day. Until finally understood the problem. RAM (Random Access Memory). My computer gets a blue screen, I thought, because there is a part of the memory that is not good. Since the computer accessed memory randomly, so were my blue screens appearing. I left one memory at a time on my computer and laptop and it worked!

After that, I started going to BMCC and got an associate degree while I was also having an internship for the DOE (Department of Education of New York) in computers. It was a tough decision, but I had to quit that job, to be able to get my Bachelor's Degree. I did other jobs instead that would allow me the time to study. Although it was hard working as a full-time employee and student, I did manage it. As soon as I finished my Bachelor's Degree, I was o.k. with it but not jumping with happiness. What I thought was, "I want a Master's Degree now". I did my master's degree in Cryptography and Security.

All of a sudden, one more stone was on my way to being a successful professional, as it wasn't enough that I have been diagnosed with some disabilities, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I immediately started the treatment. I am fortunate to say that it didn't affect my cognitive abilities confirmed by Dr. David Mccabe of NYU Langone.
I also suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; which didn't stop me from advancing in my career although I was tired all the time. It lasted 24 years of fighting and seeing doctors. Finally, with the help of Dr. Natal Scheleider. I was able to recover.

Almost immediately after I finished my Master's degree, I started applying for various jobs. That was when I was called to be a Professor at the same school where I study for my Master's. New Jersey Institute of Technology. Where I am currently teaching and I am more than happy to transmit my knowledge to the students. I have techniques that I developed throughout the years to learn while I was suffering from Deficit of Attention Disorder. My technique is basically, to teach theory using real-life situations. I use illustrations and graphics that aim to accomplish this goal. My most important achievement has been by far, to make something that appears hard to learn, easy and fun.

I started my master's as a Network Specialist, but after a couple of classes, I was learning the same stuff that I already knew. That was when I decide to try a security class. From that moment on, I fell in love with the subject. I started studying Cybersecurity when I took my first class in the subject of Cryptography, Network Security, Network Protocol Security, Network Management and Security, and Counter Hacking Techniques!
Finally, I wouldn't be truthful if I tell you that the only thing that I am interested in is computers. I am very much in love with Astronomy which was my science class as well as psychology which I love it. History, which is very connected to psychology is another of my passions, alongside medicine and the treatment of illnesses using prescription medication and natural cures. I recalled one time watching a Netflix series called "Everything is connected". I was impressed and happy and I couldn't agree more. Knowledge is not an island in our brain, but more like cities that are interconnected by streets, roads, and bridges.

But from time to time, after I watch or even study the subjects that I love, I become fascinated with one in particular. At this time, that is Quantum Field Theory. It is just fascinating how in a "Simple way" (leaving the math aside a little) explains the behavior of elementary particles (I must say, elementary fields). Also, those same Quantum laws affect computers. As the chips are made smaller and smaller, as Moore's law dictates, there is a limit, and that limit is dictated by Quantum Mechanics. As they get smaller and smaller, they start crossing the invisible barrier between the Classical Mechanic to the Quantum Mechanic. A science that Albert Einstein didn't understand and called it to some of its characteristics: spooky action at a distance.

I am sorry for my long introduction, I just thought to give you a rough view of the person that I am. I opened my heart to you as I would do to a friend, I am not afraid to hide anything, and most of all, I LOVE WHAT I DO, TEACHING. It is a need for me. Whatever I learn, I want to transmit it to others, which, I must admit, sometimes causes difficulties. A car mechanic, for instance, may be interested in the principles of thermodynamics (The way the trains used to work with boiling water in the past), but not so much in Quantum Mechanics (The behavior of matter at a smaller scale. So I have to be careful!

I hope that this introduction gives you an idea of my persona, my likes, and my values. By any means, if you need tutoring, it will be my pleasure to help you with that. I will learn alongside you new things too for sure!
I believe that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding goes behind what a single man can do. It is a collective effort.

Most Kindly Yours,
Daniel G. Martino
Professor at New Jersey College of Technology and proud tutor at Varsity.

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Undergraduate Degree: CUNY New York City College of Technology - Bachelor of Technology, Network and System Administration

Graduate Degree: New Jersey Institute of Technology - Master of Science, Computer and Information Systems Security


- Languages: currently Chinese and French - Cooking - Poetry (Writing) - Songs and lyrics in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. - Karaoke (Although I am terrible, I won’t hit a tune even if my life depended of it) - Music in General (From many countries and backgrounds such as Chinese, African etc) - Ancient History (From the earliest civilizations, middle Egyptian Period, Greeks, Medo-Persia Empire, Roman Empire, middle ages) - Psychology (Abnormal psychology such as Borderline Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder – commonly known as psychopath) - Science, such as computer science, Chemistry (Periodic tables of elements and their valence – how the can share electron to form compounds), Quantum Field Theory (The Standard Model, Special Theory of Relativity (Astronomy) - Sports that I played the most were soccer and basketball (And I enjoy watching) - Documental (I am fascinated by them, I watch at least one a day) - Electrify and radio waves (You can say that are part of Quantum Field Theory as well) - Religion (I know quite a lot, but I not so much into it, although I enjoy watching discussion about them) - There are other things that I like that come and goes (mostly because I would need to be a full-time students if I want to learn them)

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College Computer Science

CompTIA Network+

Computer Networks

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