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I graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Chemistry and Business Administration. I am now working at Walgreens as a Pharmacy Technician.

I enjoy tutoring students in Math, Chemistry, and Biology. I particularly like these subjects because any upper level math or science class requires a strong foundation in these subjects to be successful. Oftentimes, when students choose a major in math and science they want to go on to graduate school, which requires a thorough understanding of these subjects.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Houston - Bachelor of Science, Psychology

ACT Math: 32

ACT Science: 30

SAT Math: 700

Going to concerts, being outdoors

10th Grade Math

11th Grade Math

12th Grade Math

College Biology

Elementary Algebra

Elementary School Math

High School Biology

Social Sciences

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

When a student is taught new material, walked through a couple of problems, and then does practice problems on their own, it helps them be able to do it without any help later on.

How would you help a student stay motivated?

Progress motivates a student in my opinion. If a student is struggling with a concept, it is a good idea to start at the foundation of it and work his or her way up to the complicated concept. This way, the student does not feel defeated by what they are not able to solve.

If a student has difficulty learning a skill or concept, what would you do?

If the student does not learn something the first time, try to explain it another way. Demonstrate the skill or break it down into simpler steps.

How do you help students who are struggling with reading comprehension?

Reading comprehension can be achieved by first reading slowly. Oftentimes, the reader is trying to read quickly and not absorbing any information. Once the reader is accustomed to reading to understand, then they can focus on reading quicker.

What strategies have you found to be most successful when you start to work with a student?

Tutoring someone is an active process. Just because you are familiar with a topic does not mean you will be able to teach it. I find it helpful to study beforehand as if I was relearning the material. This way, I can approach the problems the way the student does and see where common mistakes can come into play.