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I have studied world religions, ethics, and business for a number of years. In my studies, I have been particularly attuned to the differences and the understanding of culture, survival, ethics, religion, and society between eastern and western dominant paradigms.

From a practical standpoint, I have worked with the Kansas City Interfaith Council for several years. Through my contacts with people of different religious perspectives and different national background, I have come to appreciate how some perceived knowledge does not preclude other viewpoints. I would rather say that in most cases various systems of thought complement one another. Openness to other cultures, ideal, religious thinking, and practice allows for expansion and understanding of one’s own system knowledge.

While teaching both religion and business, I have attempted to unite ideas from both disciplines to create more understanding as to why and how ideas are influenced by various constituent elements of society. I have taken advantage of any opportunity to have contact with students of diverse cultural backgrounds. By listening and being introduced to different cultural groups, I have been able to interact with and acquire and understanding of different culture from both the ideal and actual aspects of that culture.
Education and learning are not accomplished in a vacuum. Learning is often enhanced by its application in real life situations and conditions. To this end, teaching is expanded when it consists of strong theoretical bases for perspective, wide understanding of the scholarly work of a discipline for depth within the field, and good grounding in practical application for constructive use of knowledge. Learning is a reciprocating process between students, teachers, and advancement of knowledge. Teaching may come from students as well as teachers, and each person in the classroom environment should be respected for their own worth as a person, and a rational human.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Park University - BS, HR/Mgmt; Criminal Justice; Social Psychology

Graduate Degree:

 Walden University - Ph.D., Administration & Management

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