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School, homework, learning; these don't have to be yucky words. That stuff can be fun, learning is supposed to be an interesting activity, and I make sure that it is. Before receiving my B.A. in Asian Languages and Literature from the University of Minnesota, I studied abroad for a year in China. There, I also worked as the lead teacher in a new ESL school for adults where I provided lesson plans for the school and utilized my own classroom format to engage the students. I also tutored several young Chinese girls in English where we learned by translating their favorite Taylor Swift songs and watching Justin Bieber on Oprah. I don't believe education should be dull or limited to pencil and paper, and I work hard with my students to find the best way to optimize learning.

I am an avid long distance runner and podcast listener. I'm nuts about traveling and hiking and have lived in San Francisco and Alaska within the last year. But mostly, I love learning. Until graduating I had no idea that it was so awesome, and so essential to sanity and happiness. What's even better is when one is allowed to learn in their own way, so that it's not a chore, but a fun pastime.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Minnesota - B.A., Asian Languages and Literature

Reading, running, biking, podcasts, solo movie dates

Conversational Mandarin

Mandarin Chinese 3

Mandarin Chinese 4