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I have had many years in schooling, started with an undergraduate training in Chemistry, followed by a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry, a Medical Doctorate (MD) degree, and a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Biophysics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, I am a clinical research fellow at MGH. During this long journey, I have gained a lot of knowledge and accomplishments which put me in a place where I am ready to commit myself to help you prepare for your exams. Teaching is my way of paying back to my own great teachers. Hopefully one day you will continue this cycle.

I have had tutored and taught many students, just like you. Some of them are now graduate students and even postdoctoral fellows. I am proud of them and this is the feeling that inspires me for teaching.

My teaching strategy is based on a simple concept: Understand not memorize. This may seem obvious but unfortunately sometimes the education system is not based on this key idea. I am here to help you implement this strategy, no matter what area we are going to study together.

My favorite subjects to teach are: Chemistry, Math and Biology. My favorite exams to teach include: SAT Math, GRE Quantitative, GRE Chemistry, and the MCAT. In general, any exam related to any of my favorite 3 subjects.

I am offering you the knowledge I gained during 4 years of BS in Chemistry two years of MS in Organic Chemistry, four years of MD and six years of PhD in Biophysics, as well as the experience I have from several years of tutoring/teaching and lifelong passion for teaching. With my whole heart I would love to see you achieve much more.

Successful teachers are those whose students are even more successful.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Tehran University - BS, Chemistry

Graduate Degree:

 Tehran University - MS, Organic Chemistry

Graduate Degree:

 Tehran University of Medical Services - MD, Medicine

Graduate Degree:

 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - PhD, Biophysics

GRE Quantitative: 800

Volleyball, soccer, biking, travel

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