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I am a graduate of Rutgers University School of Engineering, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering in May 2012 with a concentration in Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering. My undergraduate studies provided me with strong knowledge of a wide range of STEM courses, especially Chemistry (including General, Physical and Organic Chemistry), Mathematics (Algebra, Linear Algebra and Calculus I-III) and Physics. In addition to my studies, I was also a scholarship cadet in Rutgers Army ROTC program. From my second year as a cadet onward, I tutored fellow cadets enrolled in STEM classes about 5-10 hrs per week. Although I mainly tutored those cadets enrolled in engineering programs, many cadets came to me when they were have trouble in general STEM coursework. During my senior year, I also tutored and mentored high school students attending New Brunswick Health Science Technology within the Rutgers Future Scholar Mentorship program. These experiences shaped my principled and conceptual tutoring style. I believe that conceptual understanding is the most important factor in determining success in a subject. If a student has a conceptual understanding of a subject's foundational principles, they can apply them to many different, and more complex, problems rather than just the ones they have already encountered. Since graduating, I worked in Clinical Informatics until completing my obligatory 6-month active-duty training as an Army Reserve Officer at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. I recently moved up to Boston to study Health Informatics at Boston University. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books (scientific non-fiction, literature and science fiction), watching quality films, programming, skiing and surfing. I am also a avid Cross Fit person and a firm believer that fitness training improves not only physical but also mental capacities.

Undergraduate Degree:

Rutgers University-New Brunswick - Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering

bioinformatics/ reading, programming, crossfit

Anatomy & Physiology

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

College Chemistry

College Physics

High School Chemistry

High School Physics