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I am a graduate of Gordon College, where I majored in French, and also of Boston College from which I received my Master’s in French Language and Literature. I tutored Elementary and Intermediate French for a year while I was a student at a community college, and also was the TA to my French professor at Gordon, which means I corrected homework. In addition, I had the opportunity to tutor a French man in English while I studied abroad for a semester in Southern France, and he provided me with similar tutoring in French. During the summer before I began my graduate studies, I tutored a student in French as she was preparing to study at the Sorbonne the next academic year. During my two years at Boston College, I taught Elementary French to undergraduate students, and enjoyed it immensely! I am currently teaching Elementary French at another college in Boston, and working on PhD applications (in French, of course!) for next year. I absolutely love teaching- I have a great passion for the French language, culture and history, and am so excited when I get the opportunity to share this with students. As far as teaching, I try to use many techniques including choral repetition, PowerPoint, worksheets, group/partner activities, games (BINGO and Jeopardy especially!), youtube (to share francophone videos/songs), and good ol’ fashioned writing on the blackboard. I require constant participation from students, speak in French most of the time, and make sure a concept is grasped before moving on to the next one. I love teaching a class, and also appreciate one-on-one time with students, where one can move more slowly and study more in-depth. As far as interests go, I love classic movies, music, cats, reading and travel.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Gordon College - BA, French

Graduate Degree:

 Boston College - MA, French Language and Literature

old movies, cats, music, travel