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I am an English major and potential Secondary Education minor at Boston College. I hope to concentrate on creative writing, so naturally it is my favorite subject to tutor. In assisting students with writing at Boston Latin, I have found that some students have a natural turn for writing essays and need little more than encouragement and editing. With most students, however, writing is not a skill they can effortlessly pick up, and creativity is not instantly fluid. Bearing that in mind, I use a Socratic method to draw out ideas and key words and phrases when helping students come up with responses to creative writing essay questions, i.e., the kind given on SATs, ACTs and on college essays. Usually, by the end of the session, they find out that they need a lot less help than they thought! I have also done a fair amount of math and science tutoring with middle and high school students, which is almost easier, since full comprehension can be immediately and clearly demonstrated. I generally design some sort of worksheet in order to walk the student through the process of figuring out the general concept in a unique way; for example, I will use an angle maze to teach geometric angle theorems. I am a proponent of the mindset that learning to learn is much more important than learning pure information, so I always focus more on the process than the outcome. I love to teach, and I hope to work in a high school some day!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Boston College - BA, English, Secondary Education

ACT Composite: 34

ACT English: 34

ACT Math: 30

ACT Reading: 36

SAT Math: 730

SAT Verbal: 800

SAT Writing: 800

SAT U.S. History: 740

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 770

SAT Chemistry: 760

I run cross country, and I sing in a choir.